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Let´s see, how old was the last Pole Dance World Champion again? And how did he or she started Pole Dancing? Was she maybe introduced to Pole Dancing by her mother? Or was he hanging out his with friends at a playground, getting in touch with the human flag for the first time? Whatever the story behind a famous Pole Dancers career is: We will let you know! Check out our Biography-Category!

Most popular profiles

  1. Anastasia Andreevna Skukhtorova
  2. Marion Crampe
  3. Natasha Wang
  4. Fawnia Dietrich
  5. Jamilla Deville
  6. Karol Helms
  7. Alina Schmidt
  8. Lisa "Chastity" Singh
  9. Evgeny Greshilov
  10. Nadia Sharif
  11. Masayo Okamoto
  12. Rafaela Montanaro
  13. Brandon Rosario
  14. Bailey Hart
  15. Chris Talbot
  16. Daisy Adelle Bastick
  17. Yoko Taketani
  18. Eduardo Amador
  19. Felix Cane
  20. Crystal Lai

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Recent Female Athletes

Fawnia Dietrich

Occupation: Pole Dance Instructor, Owner Pole Expo and Pole Fitness Studio
Pole Inspiration: Everyone that comes to Pole Expo.
Favorite Pole Trick: Handsprings!

Karol Helms

Occupation: Pole Dance Instructor, Judge, Performer, and Clown.
Pole Inspiration: Alethea Austin.
Favorite Pole Trick: Superman Fall.

Anastasia Andreevna Skukhtorova

Occupation: Pole Dance/Pole Fitness instructor, performer, competitor.
Pole Inspiration: People who point their toes!
Favorite Pole Trick: The Rainbow!

Lisa "Chastity" Singh

Occupation: Pole Instructor/Performer.
Pole Inspiration: Anastasia Skukhtorova.
Favorite Pole Trick: The Staff.

Jamilla Deville

Occupation: Pole Dance Instructor, Performer, Judge
Pole Inspiration: Felix Cane and many more.
Favorite Pole Trick: The Deville Splits, Jade Splits and Serpentine.

Masayo Okamoto

Occupation: Pole Instructor, Performer, Choreographer, Studio Owner, JPSA Founder.
Pole Inspiration: I'm inspired by all athletes and students I meet.
Favorite Pole Trick: Kamikaze.

Alina Schmidt

Occupation: Pole Dance Instructor, Pole Dance Studio Owner
Pole Inspiration: The first one was Felix Cane.
Favorite Pole Trick: Kneehold and Superman.

Recent Male Athletes

Brandon Rosario

Occupation: Chef.
Pole Inspiration: Estee Zakar.
Favorite Pole Trick: None.

Evgeny Greshilov

Occupation: Pole Dancer, Performer, Aerialist, Choreographer, Athlete, Dancer.
Pole Inspiration: It could be anything: Athlete, Singer, etc.
Favorite Pole Trick: Skyline.

Julio Peixoto

Occupation: Pole Dance Instructor
Pole Inspiration: Zoraya Judd, Oona Kivelä
Favorite Pole Trick: All about spinning on a static pole.

Chris Talbot

Occupation: Pole Dance instructor and performer, personal trainer, doctor of marine biology
Pole Inspiration: Fontaine Bradbury
Favorite Pole Trick: Spinning aerial deadlifts!

Eduardo Amador

Occupation: Chef
Pole Inspiration: Jenyne Butterfly
Favorite Pole Trick: So many, but my favorite is the Janeiro.

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