Bailey Hart

Copyright: Bailey Hart
Date of Birth: July 3, 1987
Born in: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Pole dance instructor and performer, Aerial instructor and performer
Favorite City: New York.
Favorite Food: If you are talking about a dish then probably the vietnamese soup dish called Pho, but if it's just one singular food then mangoes!
Favorite Drink: Freshly squeezed carrot, apple & ginger juice.

My Life as a Pole Athlete

Dance Background: I started dancing at the young age of four. The story my Mum and Dad used to tell me was that I would stand up on the back of the lounge in order to see myself so I could practice pointing my toes. My Mum decided it was in my best interest (mainly for safety reasons haha!) that I start ballet classes. I attended ballet, tap, jazz, and later contemporary and modern classes till I was 18 when I decided to leave the dance world behind.
First time Pole Dance: When I was about 16 years old my best friend and I saw a Pole school on Parramatta Rd in Sydney. We decided that as soon as we turned 18 that we would start those classes straight away. So when I left my dance career behind I needed something to fill the void, Pole Dance became my new love from that point on. I started classes at Bobbi's Pole Studio in Sydney, and a few years later was asked to teach for my first pole teacher (Suzie Q) at her new studio in Sydney's Western Suburbs.
Favorite Pole Trick: The hanging lotus.
Most inspiring Pole Athlete: There is not just one person that inspires me. There are many. My first polespiration was Oona Kivela, for her strength, agility, and undeniable clean smooth rotuines. Since then I have taken inspiration from Laurence Hilsum for the magic she creates on stage, Phoenix Kazree for her beautiful routines which are always seamless, Marlo Fisken - there are no words for Marlo she is just brilliant in every sense of the word, Natasha Wang for the trust she has in herself to keep pushing the limit with every performance she puts together, Kelly Yvonne for her ability to reach deep inside a persons soul through the use of movement, Lian Lebret for being part of the creation of the most amazing pole sanctuary in the world, Kyra Johannsen for helping the facilitation of pole as an art, Marion Crampe for the joy she brings to this community of artists, Tracee Kafer for her courage to keep questioning what pole can be - and her glorious movement I could watch her for days, and Carlie Hunter - because she is like the big sister I never had.
Training Times: 6 days a week, anywhere between 2 - 7 hours a day.
How I define Pole Dance: Pole dance is a fusion of acrobatics/gymnastics and dance. In Australia, pole dance was formed out of the clubs, infact alot of the pioneers of pole in Australia came from an exotic background. Since then, elements of chinese pole and other forms of dance such as contemporary, modern etc have fused into this original form to create what we know as pole dance today.
Pole Dance is...: Freedom, Flight, Expression.
Pole Dance vs. Pole Fitness: I like to use pole as a way to express myself artistically so pole dance is the medium I prefer. In saying this I love all forms of Pole, whether it be with costumes or no costumes, shoes or no shoes, dance or fitness, I love it all!
Be a Dancer or Judge: If I had to choose one I would be a dancer. But I have done both of these roles, and enjoyed both.
Titles I hold: Australian Pole Championships Finalist 2013, Australian Pole Championship Best Musical Interpretation 2012, International Pole Masters Cup 4th Place, International Pole Championships Semi-Finalist 2012, Australian Capital Pole Championship Runner Up 2012, Australian Capital Pole Championship - Best Musical Interpretation 2012, Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist 2012, PoleCandy Semi-Pro Pole Dance Champion 2011.
Reason to quit Pole Dancing: I would take a break to have kids, but I will never stop poling!
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