Lisa "Chastity" Singh

Copyright: Lisa Singh
Date of Birth: August, 8, 1979
Born in: Melbourne, Australia.
Occupation: Pole Instructor/Performer.
Favorite City: Melbourne, no place like home.
Favorite Food: Oysters Kilpatrick.
Favorite Drink: V8 Veggie Juice.
Favorite TV Shows: Big Bang Theory.
What I do for fun: Enjoy spending time with my gorgeous family.

My Life as a Pole Athlete

Dance Background: I trained as a gymnast and dabbled with dance including ballet, tap and jazz. At 18 I began my pole career as a Showgirl for 5 years. I have taught and performed pole for the last 14 years.
First time Pole Dance: I started in 1998 as a Showgirl in various venues around Melbourne, my love of performing and pole in particular started here. I started whilst studying at University as a part time job, after a few years pole became my passion and I pursued this career path instead.
Favorite Pole Trick: My signature move “The Staff”.
Most inspiring Pole Athlete: Anastasia Skukhtorova, her performances are breathtaking and she is such a down to earth beautiful person.
Training Times: I take around 40-45 classes per week at our studio, but I also like to get in at least 5-10 hours of my own training.
How I define Pole Dance: Pole encompasses gymnastics, acrobatics, contortion and body movement into a beautiful, strong and graceful art form.
Pole Dance is...: Strength, Grace, Passion.
Pole Dance vs. Pole Fitness: Pole dance embraces more of an exotic style, where the focus is more performance based with costume and the art of seduction. Pole fitness embraces more of the strength based acrobatic style of pole, with more focus on tricks and combo’s rather than glitz.
Be a Dancer or Judge: A judge
Titles I hold: I am the organiser of the Australian Pole Fitness Championships, so chose not to compete, as I believe it could be a conflict of interest.
Reason to quit Pole Dancing: Unless something physically stopped me from being able to pole, I would love to be on the pole until I am well and truly old!

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