Marion Crampe

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Date of Birth: March 31, 1983
Born in: Lourdes, France
Occupation: Pole Dance / Contortion Performer and Instructor, Competitor
Favorite City: I love so many countries but I have a crush on New York City.
Favorite Food: I do love Healty food.
Favorite Drink: Capuccino
Favorite TV Shows: No TV, prefer to read.
What I do for fun: I am really passionned by my job and as Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

My Life as a Pole Athlete

Dance Background: I started my career with classic ballet & ballet jazz. Later I discovered street jazz and hiphop and I was part of the “NIKE” team as a dancer for 2 years in France. I also performed in cabaret and burlesque shows in Paris.
First time Pole Dance: In 2006, I took my first Pole Dance class at Pink Paradise Pole school in Paris with Laurence Hilsum. I felt in love instantly with this art. My mentor Liana, one of Australia’s Pole Dance pioneer has shared everything and trained me to build the dancer I am today.
Favorite Pole Trick: I, normally, prefer to focus on combos instead of single moves. It is a way you can be the most creative. I have to admit my preference for flexibility tricks. I love the lines and the different possibilities you have.
Most inspiring Pole Athlete: I couldn’t mention somebody in particular, so many people inspire me, “famous” or not. Students are actually one of my biggest source of inspiration.
Training Times: 5/6 days a week, 2/4 hours per training session, depending also on which kind of train Im in. I organize my training schedule( out of competition time) to between conditionning, dance , contortion… I try to nota do the same kind of training 2 days in a row. I keep one day totally off to rest and get a massage once a week.
How I define Pole Dance: I used to say to people who never try that there is nothing really like it. You will discover parts of you (soul and body) you never expect or you lost. It makes you feel so alive. Go for it.
Pole Dance is...: Passion , Sharing , Artistry
Pole Dance vs. Pole Fitness: Pole Dance is expressed by the mouvement and the expression of a body in motion. Artistic or Fitness, the difference is just on the way to focuse on different aspects (artistry or technic). But at this end , it is always about the same thing… “Passion”.
Be a Dancer or Judge: Both. For example I joined those competitions as a judge: The art of Pole Dance in Slovenia 2011 and 2012, Arnold classic pole Cup in Rio de Janeiro 2013, Pole World Cup in Rio de Janeiro 2012 and 2013, Pole Dance Cup in Poland 2013, Miss Pole Dance Chile 2013, Pole Art 2013.
Titles I hold: The latest achievements are: Nominated Pole Idol 2013 and Finalist of IPC 2013, Bad Kitty Brand Ambassador 2013, Second runner up at II World Cup In Rio de Janeiro, French National Champion 2012, Best Show Award at Aerial International Competition 2011 in Bern, First runner up at French Pole Championship 2010.
Reason to quit Pole Dancing: I will take a little break for a baby.

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