Masayo Okamoto

Copyright: Masayo Okamoto
Date of Birth: August 3, 1982
Born in: Nara, Japan
Occupation: Pole Instructor, Performer, Choreographer, Studio Owner, JPSA Founder
Favorite City: Nara/Osaka
Favorite Food: Cheese, Avocado
Favorite Drink: Tea
What I do for fun: Pole Dance

My Life as a Pole Athlete

Dance Background: I did synchronized swimming when I was a child.
First time Pole Dance: I first saw Pole Dance 8 years ago. I was intrigued by a very three-dimensional representation using the vertical bar. However, Japan at that time had only recognized Pole Dance to express sexy. So I began the practice of pole acrobatics.
Favorite Pole Trick: There are a lot of them. I especially like fluid, three-dimensional tricks, for example the Kamikaze.
Most inspiring Pole Athlete: Too many athletes. I'm inspired by all athletes and students I meet in the world!! In lessons students allways give me hints, that lead me to originality. I figure that their efforts have given me inspiration and vitality.
Training Times: Every day. There is not a day on which I don't touch the pole.
Pole Dance is...: Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Art.
Be a Dancer or Judge: Both are welcome to me.
Titles I hold: 2nd Runner up (mixed pair with Kazuya) at World Pole Sports Championships 2013; Art Champion (mixed pair with Kazuya) at International Pole Championship 2012, Hong Kong; 5th place at International Pole Masters Cup 2012, Los Angeles, 2nd Runner up (mixed pair with Kazuya) World Pole Sports Championship2012, London; Representative of Japan at Pole World Cup 2012, Rio; 1st Runner Up (mixed pair with Kazuya) at Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championship 2011, Australia; Ultimate Champion at Aerial Performance Tournament 2011, Hong Kong; 1st Runner Up Fit division at International Pole Dance Fitness Competition Pole Stars 2010, Manila; Special prize (mixed pair with Kazuya) at Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championship 2010, Australia; 5th place - Fit division at International Pole Dance Fitness Championship 2009, Tokyo; 1st Runner Up at Pole Dance Contest 2007, Osaka.

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