Jamilla Deville

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Date of Birth: March, 12
Born in: Sydney, Australia.
Occupation: Pole Dance Instructor, Performer, Judge.
Favorite City: New York.
Favorite Food: Salmon.
Favorite Drink: Coconut Water.
What I do for fun: I go to the water. Riverside, lakeside, harbourside, or ocean!

My Life as a Pole Athlete

Dance Background: Classical and Jazz Ballet through my childhood until I finished high school; then a mix of African dance, acrobatics and aerials until I discovered Pole.
First time Pole Dance: I discovered Pole Dancing in the clubs of Sydney. Myself and several other dancers were the first to offer Pole Dancing lessons to women outside the clubs.
Favorite Pole Trick: The Deville Splits or Jade Splits; Serpentine, and anything else that's splitty!
Most inspiring Pole Athlete: So many pole athletes inspire me! Felix Cane for her out-of-this-world flexibility and fluidity; others too who also show so much determination, focus and passion for the art form. Mostly I love athletes who can be artistic as much as they are athletic.
Training Times: It dependes ob where I am. I like to train five days out of seven when I can, with anywhere from two to six hours a day.
How I define Pole Dance: Pole Dance is an athletic art form in which tha dancer incorporates a pole or bar into their performance. Pole Dancing is based around circles and spirals.
Pole Dance is...: Fluidity, Grace, Power.
Pole Dance vs. Pole Fitness: Due to some people not beeing comfortable to be associated with media-generated stereotypes of Pole Dancing beeing sleazy or crass, different genres of pole have been created or defined. There is definitely a difference now between more masculine circus-style pole and the original, ver feminine, more sensual Pole Dancing. Sometimes the two are named Fitness versus Dance.
Be a Dancer or Judge: I currently judge all levels of pole championships from local to the Worlds.
Titles I hold: Pole Dance International Magazine Instructor of the ear/DVD Series of the Year 2011; International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) Instructor of the Year 2009 to 2011; Miss Pole Dance Australia, 2005.
Reason to quit Pole Dancing: Only injury would make me stop, and even then, I would be looking at rehabilitation and coming right back to the studio! Pole Dancing makes me too happy to stop forever.

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