Head stand

The head stand is a pose that is an inversion posture of standing head up. The technique is used in different settings, like yoga, breakdancing and beginner gymnastics.

In Yoga

The head stand is called Sirsasana or Sirshasana in Hatha yoga. Here the body is completely inverted, and held upright supported by the forearms, while the crown of the head rests lightly on the floor. It is known as the king of yoga asanas.

In Breakdance

Breakdancing features a number of moves that feature balancing on one's forehead. Headstands can lead into a headspin or act as a stand alone freeze move. Different from the yoga style, headstands ideally culminate with taking the hands off the floor and entirely supporting oneself with the head.

In Gymnastics

The headstand, although not an "official skill" is used in gymnastics as a precursor to many skills such as the handstand, headspring, etc. A gymnastics headstand can be done in any way; head only, head plus forearms, or head plus hands. Although it is often entered via a press, it can also be jumped into, although this is extremely dangerous. To have perfect technique, you should get both your hands and your head in a triangle shape, then kick up and point the toes.

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