Leg warmer

Leg warmers are coverings for the lower legs, similar to socks but thicker and generally footless. Leg warmers were originally dancewear worn by ballet and other classic dancers. Leg warmers are worn by some dancers in belief they will warm the lower calf and help maintain calf health, but no scientific proof has ever been established to back up this theory.


Traditionally knitted from pure wool, leg warmers are more typically made of cotton, synthetic fibers, or both. Some are made of other materials, such as chenille. Other leg warmers are made of wool, camel hair and Old English Sheep Dog hair.

Leg warmers can vary in length, though not in width, due to the material's stretchiness. They are commonly worn to just below the knee, though many dancers prefer it to extend to cover the lower parts of the thigh. Some leg warmers cover the entire foot; these warmers usually have a pad that grips the floor so the dancer does not slip - however this has been known to cause career-ending injury. Some leg warmers are particularly short and made of thinner material; these are also known as 'ankle warmers'.

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