Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai (born 15 September 1980) is a Taiwanese singer and dancer. She's dubbed as Asia's Dancing Queen due to her diversity of dancing styles, such as pole dancing, ribbon dancing, and gymnastic movements, and she is regarded as a pop diva in Asian music market

Though Tsai was introverted and shy as a child, she studied English intensively during her youth and eventually majored in English Literature at Fu Jen Catholic University. During her childhood years, Tsai developed an interest in singing and experimented with several different vocal techniques after listening to the songs of popular female singers such as Teresa Teng and Faye Wong.

Tsai's second album with EMI Music Taiwan, titled Agent J, was released on 21 September 2007. The album featured eleven new tracks - the title track "Agent J", the ballads "Alone" and "Fear Free", the dance tracks "Bravo Lover" (best known for its often-imitated dance steps) and "Tacit Violence", and the bonus track "Let's Move It," which was used as a promotional track in commercials for Toyota. The deluxe version of the album contained a 3-part 70-minute music movie filmed in France, London, and Bangkok.

The movie, which cost NT$50 million to film, stars Tsai as the leather-clad Agent J and features popular Korean actor Kim Jae Won and Hong Kong stars Stephen Fung and Carl Ng. During the filming of the movie, Tsai had to learn two new forms of dance in 10 days: aerial silk dancing and pole-dancing. She almost paralyzed her right arm and fainted in the process. In April 2008, Tsai incorporated newly learned skills such as flying rings and pole dance in addition to her usual multi-style dances in her concert in Beijing's Workers' Gymnasium.

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