Yuraki Makino

Copyright: Yukari Makino
Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1983
Born in: Chiba, Japan
Occupation: Pole & Aerial Performer / Instructor
Favorite City: Tokyo, Japan
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Favorite TV Shows: SYTYCD
What I do for fun: Travel

My Life as a Pole Athlete

Dance Background: Gymnastic 4 years in my childhood, Pole Dancing 6 years (since 2007), Aerial Silks 5 years (since 2008), Crossfit one year, Ballet one year, Contemporary one year.
First time Pole Dance: I started Pole Dancing in 2007 in Tokyo because I was looking for something unique with high physical requirements.
Favorite Pole Trick: Fungi.
Most inspiring Pole Athlete: Female: Jenyne Butterfly – absolutely beautiful and strong. Male: Edouard Doye – artistic and breathtaking.
Training Times: 5 days a week, 3-4 hours (not only Pole, also others).
How I define Pole Dance: Pole Dancing evolved beyond erotica into high art. Pole Dancers are classified as athletes.
Pole Dance is...: Grace, Art, Strength
Pole Dance vs. Pole Fitness: Pole “Dance” is expressing one´s self through music. Pole Fitness is exercise with gymnastic skills.
Be a Dancer or Judge: Dancer.
Titles I hold: Miss Pole Dance Japan 2011 & 2012, Asia Pacific Pole Dance & Acrobatic Championship 2011 (1st), Pole World Cup II 2012 7th International Pro.
Reason to quit Pole Dancing: Severe physical injury.

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