Crystal "CryStylez" Belcher

Copyright: Crystal Belcher
Date of Birth: May 3, 1983
Born in: Houston, Texas, USA
Occupation: Pole & Dance Fitness Instructor
Favorite City: Houston of Course! Followed by DC, Atlanta & NYC.
Favorite Food: Pecans, Bread & Frozen Treats.
Favorite Drink: Something Fruity.
Favorite TV Shows: Different World, Living Single, Martin, Game of Thrones, Phineas & Ferb, Family Guy, The View & Wendy Williams.
What I do for fun: Sing, Happy Hours and Festivals.

My Life as a Pole Athlete

Dance Background: I have a background in dance, gymnastics, competitive cheer, track and flag football (women & co-ed).
First time Pole Dance: Girlfriend of mine was doing PR a local pole studio and said I should try it out. I mean it was only $10. After the first class I was in love and has been my life ever since!
Favorite Pole Trick: I don't have a favorite trick because there's a beauty in creating new shapes and movements. But I can def tell you that no matter what I do, there will always be a way for me to get into a Superman pose, smh.
Most inspiring Pole Athlete: I don't have a single one. I know it's not the most politically correct or juiciest of answers, but I have been exposed to so many Pole Stars who have left priceless jewels of information and inspiration to me that to name just one would be a disservice. I can tell you for definite that if it wasn't for my Pole Family I wouldn't have gotten this far.
Training Times: A minimum of twice a week for 2 hours.
How I define Pole Dance: It's an aerial form of dance done with a prop that does not move with you, but rather rotates. It's a fusion of dance, gymnastics, plyometrics, flexibility and body manipulation.
Pole Dance is...: Power, Endurance, Death defying moves
Pole Dance vs. Pole Fitness: It's like explaining squares and rectangles; a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square. In other words, pole dance involves pole fitness, but pole fitness does not have to involve dance. When you dance with pole you not only engage the intricate muscles of movement to melody, you have to practice the structure of movement on and around the pole. If it's solely about pole fitness your focus is on the muscular development of the body, necessary to perform safely and effectively on the pole.
Be a Dancer or Judge: No preference. I appreciate both sides of the event. Either side is a difficult task to take on.
Titles I hold: 2010 Miss Georgia Pole Dance Competition - Miss Creative, 2012 Polesque LA Winner, 2012 Miss Texas Pole Star Ultimate Champion, 2012 Pole Sport Organization Dramatic L3 Winner, 2012 Pole Sport Organization Entertainment L3 Winner, 2012 Pole Sport Organization People's Choice Winner.
Reason to quit Pole Dancing: Injury, grew out of it or got a full time gig that I loved.

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