Fire Hooping

Fire hooping requires the use of special "fire hoops" and, as with all fire dancing, is dangerous and poses a risk of injury.

The construction and weight of the fire hoop, combined with the fact that it is on fire, limits the possible moves, or tricks, to a much smaller gamut than those possible with a standard hoop. Some modern fire hoops have been designed to be much lighter, with smaller diameter tubing and with flexible wick spokes; these tools have begun to close the gap between fire hooping and general hooping trick vocabularies.

It is important that every fire dancer first obtain a lesson in fire safety. Always wear protective clothing made of natural fibers, and always have a "fire safety" (a person with a towel or duvetyne blanket who can extinguish any rogue flames) close by. The "safety" person should be holding the towel or blanket, and paying close attention to the performer.

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